Windy City Prospects

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The Windy City Prospects plays in the Metropolitan Collegiate Summer Baseball League of Illinois. The Metro League provides an opportunity for college players 19 through 22 years-old to improve and develop their baseball skills during their summer break. The League is formed from teams from the suburbs of Chicago.

Official Major League (American League) rules are used with the exception of mandatory use of double ear flap helmets and college safety slide rule. The league uses wood bats.


Action Packed Seasons

We have very full seasons typically beginning in June for 8 weeks, and tournament play the first week in August. Teams can advance to the following National tournaments: All American Amateur Baseball Association (AAABA), National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF), and the Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA).


Play With the Best and Get Noticed

This highly-competitive league provides the opportunity for the athlete to play with a suburb league, and to improve his potential of becoming a pro. Experienced college umpires handle games.


Interested in Playing with us for 2017?

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