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I recently had the opportunity to return to Mexico to play in spring training for a great organization. I’ve been coaching for a while now, so I was very excited to be able to compete at that level again.  Below I’ve shared my experience being there and how it all […]

An Inside Look at Pro Baseball in Mexico

Thank you all for the support during the 2015 season! We didn’t end up with the record we would have liked. However, there were four players who did not have a college that we were able to get scholarships for. And that is a success! As all teams do, we had […]

2015 End of Season Wrap-up

We had our first clinic of the 2015 season a few weeks back on April 11th for pitchers and catchers. Our coaches, Dustin DeMars and Peter Sikaras, worked with players to develop and fine tune their mechanics.

Pitching & Catching Clinic