Recruiting – Collegiate Travel Teams

4-DSCF2026TopDog Baseball is recruiting for the 2018 season!

We will be running several teams in 2018, and are recruiting for our collegiate travel teams. We are looking for players that want to improve their game! Players that aren’t afraid of sweat and hard work. Players that respect their coaches, teammates, opponents and umpires. Complete our recruiting form below to be contacted for tryouts.


Play With the Best and Get Noticed

Akadema Athletics - Chicago Collegiate LeagueOur collegiate teams plays in the highly competitive Metropolitan Collegiate Summer Baseball League of Illinois. We provide the opportunity for athletes  to improve his potential of becoming a pro where only experienced college umpires handle games.

The Metro League provides an opportunity for college players 18 through 23 years-old to develop and improve their baseball skills during the summer break. The League is formed from teams from the suburbs of Chicago, and attracts the attention of college coaches and scouts.

Akadema Athletics - Chicago Collegiate LeagueIt’s important for players to play in a highly competitive and skilled league where they can grow and fine-tune their mechanics. These skills will carry them far throughout their College years and beyond. Our coaches invest their time and training into the players while recognizing that each player is unique in their strengths and weaknesses.

Our teams are the perfect fit for young athletes to have a great baseball and team experience. We teach and promote that hard work pays off, and that it is always important to respect coaches, teammates, opponents and umpires.

Akadema Athletics - Chicago Collegiate League Akadema Athletics - Chicago Collegiate League

Experienced and Top Notch Coaches

We take pride in our quality of coaches knowing that they will not only be instructing players in their athletic abilities, but also mentoring and inspiring the younger generation of baseball players. Our coaches have experience in playing baseball at a professional level, as well as in training and leading players of all ages through their college and pre-college years.

Recruiting Form

Please complete our recruiting form to have a coach contact you for a tryout. We prefer to have individual tryouts as we get to see the player up close and personal rather than in a group setting.