2015 End of Season Wrap-up

Thank you all for the support during the 2015 season! We didn’t end up with the record we would have liked. However, there were four players who did not have a college that we were able to get scholarships for. And that is a success!

As all teams do, we had some off-the-field drama. We were fortunate to handle it quickly and not have it affect the rest of the team. Moving forward, this just shows the type of players that fit with our program.

I tell players all the time, “You have to know where you are now, in order to get where you want to go.” High schoolers who think they are in the Show already don’t fit with us. We want the players that run out every pop up, support all their teammates, and respect the game.

For the 2016 season we will be having 3 teams.

  • Akadema Athletics – Collegiate Team (Ages 19-22)
  • Windy City Prospects – 18U Tournament Team (Ages 17-18)
  • Windy City Outlaws – 16U Tournament Team (Ages 15-16)

We are looking to continue to build our reputation for analyzing our guys, reinforcing their strengths, addressing their weaknesses and getting them into colleges!

If you or someone you know may be interested in one of our teams for the 2016 season, please get in touch.

Dustin DeMars
Coach & Mentor

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